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Join together with the Capital Region Jewish community as we launch our first ever Shine A Light Creative Arts Gallery at Chanukah on Jay!

Antisemitism. As antisemitic acts continue to rise, it is up to us to stand up and bring awareness to antisemitism, while remaining proud of who we are. The Capital Region Jewish community is vibrant and we are committed to being strong and united to dispel the darkness around us.  As a part of the initiative this year,  we are curating a collaborative art gallery, at Chanukah on Jay, displaying a selection of your submissions.. We are thrilled to encourage many art forms as submissions:

There are two forms of entry:
Creative writing: Write using 500 words or less what Shine A Light on Antisemitism means to you. It can be in the form of an essay, story, poem, Six Word Memoir, tweet, etc.

Picture: Take a picture of your family keeping the flame of Judaism alive (examples: Your favorite family Chanukah pictures, a menorah with an interesting history, Then and Now pictures).

Submissions are due by December 1st. By submitting your entry below you are agreeing to have your name and entry publicized on social media, at the event and in print, and supporting the work of our local community to come together against antisemitism.  We are looking forward to walking through your submissions at the event!



Sharon Lozman
S Ricci-sun & earth
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